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Escape from the Frenzy: A New Social Ethics for Media

Will we be captivated by technology or can we find a new freedom? What does it mean to be a citizen in 2021?

Introduction: Andri Osypchuk, business owner; champion bartender, Dubai and Lviv: "I Serve People Drinks: Who and What Does Media Serve?"
Joe Lindsley, founder, Lviv Lab for the Activation of Democracy; protégé of Fox News founder Roger Ailes, former local newspaper editor-in-chief, New York State: "Saving Our Attention: How the Transcendental Reduction Can Create Media that Offers Real Value"
Taras Yatsenko, publisher, Tvoe Misto; former music promoter: "Public-Forum Journalism: We Create a Mini-Maidan Every Week"
Adar Weinreb, CEO and founder, The Great Debates (Israel); member, founding team,"Whatever Is Most Controversial That Is What We Must Discuss"
James David Dickson, reporter, the Detroit News; former opinion editor: "If It's Free, We Are the Product Being Sold"
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